1. City Hall Bulletin

  2. Community TV

  3. Construction Permits

    Learn how to obtain construction permits for building, electrical, and plumbing.

  4. Electric

    Learn about the services provided by the Chaska Electric Department.

  5. Fire Marshal Inspections

    View how to apply to have an inspection by the fire marshal.

  6. Internet Service

    The City of Chaska has been operating a fast, reliable Internet service for businesses and government entities.

  7. Land Use Permits

    View applications for land use and development, and the ordinances governing those permits.

  8. Licensing

    Find forms and application to apply for licensing of liquor, refuse, massage and more.

  9. Maps

  10. Public Safety Alerts

    Sign up for notifications regarding the safety of your community.

  11. Public Works

    Learn about the duties and responsibilities of the Public Works Department.

  12. Utility Billing

    Find application materials to apply for utility services.

  13. Voter Registration

    Learn how to register to vote and find your polling location.

  14. Water & Sewer

    Learn about the services provided by the Water and Sewer Department.