Sewer Rate Schedule

Sewer Utility Rates
The following is a synopsis of sewer utility rates and charges per Ordinance 911 adopted January 4, 2016.

Metered Service
Metered service is charge monthly by total gallons used. It is charged at a rate of $3.89 per thousand gallons.

Minimum Service
Commercial $8.95 per month
Industrial $38.60 per month
Pumping Fee
$6.65 per month
$8.95 per month
Sewer Rental Fee
$20.50 per month

Maximum Charges
The sewer maximum charge shall be applied to all single family residential customers. The charge each month shall be based on the average number of gallons for the months of the previous December through and including April, adjusted to 105% of average, or the current month, whichever is less.