Sanitary Sewer

Chaska's Sanitary Sewer system consists of 120 miles of pipe. Currently, the system has 9 lift stations. The sanitary collection system is cleaned once every 2 years with a high-pressure jetting machine, which helps eliminate blockages. The raw sewage is pumped to the Blue Lake Treatment Plant by Shakopee.

Sump Pumps
Water from ground water sump pumps cannot be pumped into the sanitary sewer. Please check your sump pump discharge line to assure it is hooked up correctly. All water that is discharged into the sanitary sewer system is metered by the Metropolitan Council and billed to the City of Chaska, which reflects on your sewer bill charges. If you are unsure of sump pump discharge, please call the Sewer Department at 952-448-4335.

To address the problem of excess clean water being sent through the sanitary sewer system (inflow & infiltration), the city will be working with all residents to make sure their water and sewer connections make efficient use of the system and keep costs reasonable for everyone.

Sewer Backups
If your sewer backs up, contact the Water and Sewer Department before calling your plumber. We will come out to check if the city section of the sewer is clear. If your sewer backs up only after you have run water, the problem is most likely in your system, and you will need to call a plumber.