Our Vision
For years, the City of Chaska has been operating a fast, reliable internet service for businesses and government entities. In developing this system, our ultimate vision was to develop a similar service for Chaska residents. That vision is now a reality. A city-wide wireless network has been available since July 2004. By deploying this exciting, proven technology in combination with our current internet backbone, Chaska residents can now experience state-of-the-art broadband at dial-up prices.

Our Service
  • Reliable and secure service
  • Economical: our fees are lower because our goal is to provide low cost services to our city and the surrounding areas
  • Flexible support: monitoring and support available every day
  • Communities: working together for technological advancement that will foster economic development
Our Community
  • We can foster economic development in our community and the surrounding areas by working together for technological advancement
  • By providing a strong technology corridor for our community we can give our community a solid base to grow on
  • By providing flexible, reliable, high speed Internet access to our citizens, government, libraries, businesses, and schools, we can be a small community with a global outreach
  • Partnering with the community and sharing resources builds a foundation for shared success