T1 Business Service

Service Information
  • Chaska.net will provision the T1 circuit from one of our partners, provide the necessary routing equipment, and monitor the circuit.
  • Closed network option which gives the ability for clients to create very high speed VPN connectivity between sites located on one network.
  • Email accounts and web hosting space included.
  • Setup fee of $200.
  • Static IP addresses (up to full Class C if needed).
  • T1 Service is available anywhere in the metro.
  • Technical support is available and managed locally.
  • This service is provided on a point-to-point T1 circuit rather than via the wireless circuit and is available at 256k, 768k, or 1.5Mb committed rates.
  • Traditional T1 circuits based on copper facilities.
  • Voice over IP (telephone) and video conferencing.
  • Web based bandwidth monitoring.