City Departments

  1. Administrative Services

    Responsible for administration and operation of all City services, including Finance, Information Services, and Utility Billing.

  2. Chaska Curling Center

    Learn about the activities and amenities at the Chaska Curling Center.

  3. Community Development

    Learn more about the planning department, building inspections department, the fire marshal, zoning, and development projects.

  4. Electric

    Learn about the services provided by the Chaska Electric Department.

  5. Engineering

    Discover information about the Engineering Department's projects and responsibilities as well as read reports and engineering plans.

  6. Fire Department

    Visit the Chaska Fire Department.

  7. Golf Courses

    Learn about the activities and amenities at the Town Course and Par 30.

  8. Police

    We are very proud to be members of a community that believes itself to be the "best small town in Minnesota". It is hard to prove that we truly are the best, but it doesn't stop us from striving to achieve that status. We see our department's goals and values as being totally in tune with those of our community. Much has been made of the "new" community policing philosophy in recent years, but the fact is that we never left that philosophy. We have always felt a part of the community and not as an occupation force. The next time you see one of us, introduce yourself! We'd like to know you.

  9. Public Works

    Learn about the duties and responsibilities of the Public Works Department.

  10. Parks & Recreation

    This page is the home of the Parks and Recreation Department which is also the home of the Chaska Community Center.

  11. Water & Sewer

    Learn about the services provided by the Water and Sewer Department.