Electric Department Spotlight

Currently the Electric Department employs 11 line workers, 3 full-time office personnel, 1 part-time and several office staff that work in conjunction with other departments. The City of Chaska is a great place to work; we take pride in our profession.
2015 will be an exciting year, here is a short list of what to expect.
◦ Exceed 10,000 metered customers
◦ Convert downtown substation to a switching station
◦ Begin planning for a new substation in the Industrial Park
◦ Install a new feeder from West Creek substation to downtown
◦ 6 residential developments
◦ Ongoing re-conductor projects (replacing of old wire)
◦ Work with Xcel Energy to upgrade transmission voltage
◦ Metropolitan Council lift station project, adjacent to Carver County courthouse
◦ Fireman’s Park project
◦ Several other large commercial projects in the works
◦ Complete the final 2% of electric meters to be changed for the automated meter infrastructure project
◦ Continue work with our energy efficiency contractor (EMS)
Electric Department
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The downtown Chaska substation suffered a fault on Monday, March 24, 2014 which marks the end of an era. The substation has been serving Chaska since the early 1970’s. There was too much damage caused to justify rebuilding an aging facility. The decision was made to convert the substation into a switching station to utilize the existing feeders and accelerate the process of building a new substation near our largest users in the Industrial Park. Reliability for our customers is extremely important to us. Capacity for new growth and expansion within the existing customer base is what we will focus on in the near future.
Chaska Electric has partnered with Energy Management Solutions (EMS), a contractor that coordinates our rebate program. They can be contacted directly by Industrial or Commercial customers at 1-(855) 296-3669 for an energy audit. Residential and Low-Income customers can contact Municipal Services at (952) 448-4335. The mission of the Chaska Electric Department is to provide safe, reliable, low cost electric service to the community, while generating a profit to keep property taxes low and help fund local projects that benefit our community. We would like to thank our customers for helping make Chaska a great place to work. The Electric Department is confident we will continue our mission into the future.
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