Fishing Contest

Ice Fishing Contest
Saturday, January 30th, 2016
1:00-3:00 P.M. • Firemen’s Park, Chaska

The Chaska Fire Department has served the community for 145 years, making it one of the oldest fire departments in the state.  To put that in perspective, some of the neighboring departments were founded in the 1960’s. The Chaska Fire Department has a rich history of nearly a century and a half of operation.  It still closely resembles the organization that was founded in 1871.  It is almost entirely a volunteer organization which relies on the generosity of resident donations to help supplement activities that are not funded through the City budget.  The Fishing Contest is that one and only fundraiser.

The firefighters are excited to be utilizing the brand new Chaska Event Center as the headquarters for this year’s contest.  This will be a great community gathering event where residents can also tour the fabulous Chaska Curling and Event Center.  The Crooked Pint Restaurant will be partnering with the Fire Department for food and beverages during the event.
Firefighters measured the ice at Clayhole Lake at Firemen’s Park on Friday, January 15th and found it to only be seven inches thick.  With more cold weather predicted, the ice was again measured on Monday, January 18th, and it was still only eight inches thick.  The safety of the people attending the event is the first priority.  It was decided to officially cancel the fishing portion of the event.  This was disappointing because a lot of people look forward to the fishing contest and this is the second year in a row that it needed to be canceled.

All the prize drawings and food and beverages will still be held in the Event Center. Attendees are encouraged to come out and purchase tickets at a nominal cost for the door prize drawings the day of the event.  Last year the Fire Department started a new tradition of offering $20 raffle tickets for a chance to win cash prizes, with the top prize being $5000.  Please contact any active or retired firefighter for your raffle ticket.  The Chaska Fire Department sincerely appreciates your support!