Downtown Reconstruction Project


This summer’s Downtown Reconstruction Project will involve the replacement of the Beech Street bridge crossing East Creek and reconstructing portions of Stoughton Avenue, Beech, Willow, Boldt, Sixth and Seventh Streets. Crews will be upgrading the utility services as well as the street, sidewalk and boulevard. 

The construction of the road and utilities will require various road closures and detours from July through November. 

Starting July, Stoughton Avenue will be closed to through traffic between Seventh and Fourth Streets for resident parking and construction activity.

2019 Downtown Reconstruction Phase Current Impacts Map


Phase 1

  • July through September 2020, weather and schedule permitting
  • Streets impacted by construction:
    • Beech Street between Fourth Street and Beech Street bridge
    • Sixth and Seventh Streets between Stoughton Ave and Boldt Street
    • Boldt Street between Sixth Street and Seventh Street

Phase 2 

  • August through November 2020, weather and schedule permitting
  • Streets impacted by construction: 
    • Beech Street/Stoughton Ave between Sixth Street and the Beech Street bridge
    • Willow Street

Construction Update

  • Utility crews have completed sanitary sewer and watermain installation on 6th Street. Crews will start working on sanitary and water services in the next few days.  Following sanitary and water services crews will install storm sewer.  
  • Road crews will start constructing the new road section on Monday August 24th.  This will bring the road to a drivable gravel surface.  Concrete work is scheduled to start as soon as the new road section is complete.  
  • Crews will set up and be testing the temporary water system on 7th street starting Friday August 21st.  Utility construction is scheduled to start next Thursday or Friday.  We will provide more information as we get closer to the start of construction. 

Map showing utility installation on Sixth Street, temporary water and utility installation on Seventh Street, and street installation on Beech Street.