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City of Chaska Water & Sewer Newsflash

Posted on: May 7, 2018


Fire Hydrant

The City of Chaska Water & Sewer Department will be flushing the entire drinking water system starting on Monday, May 7. 

This procedure is done every Spring as a means to improve the water quality. Flushing provides an opportunity to clean the inside of the water main pipes, and also allows the City the ability to inspect all public and private fire hydrants. Over the course of the previous year, the interior of the water main pipes can become coated with Iron and Manganese. Flowing water at a high velocity creates a scouring action that will breakup and remove particles attached to the walls of the pipe. Flushing the water system and its 1400 public & 500 private hydrants takes 3 operators approximately 3 ½ weeks to complete.

If you notice air or discoloration in your water, open up multiple water cold water faucets/taps and allow the water to run 5-15 minutes.

**Attention** *If water main flushing is happening in your area, refrain from doing laundry until City crews are past your property*

If you suspect you’ve washed clothes and City crew were flushing hydrants near your home, inspect your laundry while it is wet. DO NOT DRY THE LAUNDRY. If your laundry is discolored, contact the City Water Department at 952-448-4335 or stop in at Chaska Municipal Services for a complementary bottle of RED-B-GONE, rust and iron stain remover.

Flushing Map
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