Issue#642: March 9, 2016
A Message from Chief Knight
The Chaska Police Department has put a new specially marked squad car into service this past week. You will notice that it lacks the same graphics and exterior lighting that are on all other Chaska Police cars. However, this new specially marked squad is fully equipped to perform it’s function in the same way as a fully marked squad car. It is equipped with emergency lighting, a radar unit, a video camera system, medical supplies (including oxygen and an AED), evidence gathering equipment, and other police-related supplies.

After seeing this new squad car, one might wonder, “Why are the police trying to be so sneaky?” In response to that question, the answer is simple: We are not trying to be sneaky. We are also not trying to “trick” the motoring public. As a police department, our main concern is enhancing, promoting, and ensuring public safety. Police officers often notice a remarkable difference in the motoring public’s driving behavior when a fully marked police car is around. In addition this vehicle will be useful as officers patrol neighborhoods and business districts when they respond to reports of suspicious persons.

In the interest of public safety, the Chaska Police Department’s main goal in relation to traffic enforcement is to prevent traffic crashes and keep our citizens safe. Our openness and transparency about this new vehicle is meant to do just that. If you or someone you know tends to be a little relaxed when it comes to following traffic laws, let this serve as a warning: Just because you don’t see a fully marked squad car in the area, don’t assume that you can go through that red light, drive over the speed limit, drive while intoxicated, or respond to that text message.

Let’s keep everyone safe and follow traffic laws. Your life or the life of someone else depends upon it.


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