Chaska Curling Center

Hello from your Ice Crew

Hey, we wanted to reach out to all you Chaska Curlers to say THANK YOU!!  It’s been about one year since we put the ice in and began curling here in Chaska.  You have not only made this the largest membership in America but you’ve made giant strides in getting better and better! 
As the Ice Crew we’d like to extend a thank you for treating the ice kindly!  Doing your best to keep hands and knees off the ice, cleaning the sheets after a practice or game, taking care of the club brooms that get used a tremendous amount and your respect for taking care of the rocks!! 
Most of you know about the blue push nippers as well.   These are used before the last draw of the night (either 8pm or 9pm depending on the night) and help get the ice up to speed and assist the curl after us Ice Techs pebble the entire sheet.  If you played a game and haven’t nipped your sheet you’ll see a big difference in speed (it’ll be wayyyy slower) and even the curl will be less.  Please take good care of the push nippers by always lifting them by the handle at the base, please don’t lift them by the handle that you use to push them with up and down the ice.  Also, always clean the blades off of snow and empty into the small black trash cans located under the scoreboards using a broom and dust pan.  Thanks!
Just a reminder:  Clean shoes, pants and brooms are vital to keeping the ice in good condition.  Small rocks, salts or other debris in the soles of your shoes will get on the ice and create problems.   Even lint or hair can get under rocks and take them off line and result in a poor shot when clean ice would have avoided that.  Please dedicate a pair of shoes for curling if you would and a big thanks to all you new folks that have purchased curling shoes and brooms!
There are five of us on the Ice Crew here in Chaska and I’m very pleased with each and every one.  We all work hard to keep conditions as best we can for you!  Your Crew is made up of the following;
Erich Strehlke is from Mayer and plays the drums in his family’s Polka Band called Alpensterne!
Gary Bonnet is from Los Angeles originally and works out at the Lafayette Golf Club and is a golf instructor as well! 
Charlie Bohl lives in Edina, is a substitute school teacher in the SW Metro and is an avid Curler!
Carl Ball, originally from Chisolm, works the ice Sundays and also curls here 2 to 3 nights a week!
Greg Peterson works Mondays and Tuesdays at the desk but has learned to pebble and does a fantastic job.  Greg is a retired teacher and lives here in Chaska.
And lastly there’s me, your Head Ice Maker Scott Belvitch.  I would like to again say THANK YOU very much.  The response you’ve shown and the good times being had are wonderful to see, it’s truly a pleasure working for you all.  Please come say hello and introduce yourself when you see us on the ice.  With over 1300 members it can be hard remembering all your names!  I have a great memory, it’s just really short!  Also, if you ever have any questions or concerns regarding the ice please feel free to email me at:

Cheers and Good Curling!


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