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Hello Chaska Curlers!

Just another note from you Ice Making Crew to update you on a few things and get any feedback you wish to offer!

First off thank you once again for doing such a great job of trying to keep hands and knees off the ice when you are throwing your rocks!  While we do see some marks (and the occasional crater!) you guys really do a good job!  We appreciate it and your teammates and opponents do to.  Remember, leaving your knees and hands down on the ice will create flat spots by melting pebble.  If this happens consistently your rocks will catch those spots and go completely off line.  Perhaps you’ve seen this occur already?

Also, when using the club brooms we provide in the bins please do your best to clean off the broom heads when you are done curling so the next folks coming in have a clean broom to use.  You can use brushes that are on the cans right next to the bins that hold the brooms…Thanks!

Lastly, when deciding on what to wear for curling try to avoid heavy fleece or brand new sweatshirts or pants that are still shedding.  This creates a lot of debris on the ice that can also make shots go awry (known as a PICK) in curling.  As well, the debris can get onto the bottom of the rock and if not cleaned off by the end of the evening this stuff freezes overnight to the bottom of the rocks and is quite difficult to remove the next day!   If you see one of your rocks acting like its curling too much or running really straight check the bottom and clean it off good with your broom head or your hand.


Attached to this email are two short videos for you to check out.  One is on how to properly clean a sheet after your game. (Many of you do this right but if you ever have any questions, this will steer you in the right direction!)  The second video is about how to nip the sheet and clean off the nipper blades if you are curling in the last draw of the night.  Remember, the first and second draws each night do not need to be nipped, only the third draw needs nipping.

Both of these videos will assist you not only curling here but if you go curl in another facility at a bonspiel or as a sub on a friend’s team.  Knowing some of this etiquette will go a long way to keeping friendly relations with opponents, other members playing after you and for when you see folks cleaning or preparing a sheet you are about to play on!

Thanks for reading and checking out the videos!  The Chaska Curling Center is becoming known as a great place to curl for a lot of reasons and you guys are the main one!  Let’s keep our place rocking and rolling and our ice the best it can be!



Good Curling and Cheers!

Your Ice Crew

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