Chaska Curling Center

Curling/Crooked Pint Etiquette Reminder

The Curling Center and Crooked Pint are working together to continually make improvements so that our curlers are taken care of and they enjoy the best possible experience.  We’ve worked on expanding our bar and specials in the Player’s Lounge and are always striving to provide excellent on-ice service as well.  With that said, there are still challenges that we face and will work to overcome them.  From our end, as curlers, we can assist with a few of these challenges:

Please treat your servers with respect and take care of them.  It can be a stressful job, with very few tips, and considerable miles put on each night.  As the CP works to hire more staff to assist on the ice, please be patient and respectful. 

Please don’t expect service if you don’t have cash or a credit card.  The staff working the ice make about 80-90% less in tips than those working in the restaurant.  Without payment provided, it can lead to situations of unpaid tabs.  Servers are then held accountable for this.  If your credit card is in the locker room or you can’t provide payment- don’t expect service.  Servers are told to have payment when an order is placed.
Please don’t walk off the ice from the side door and go into the restaurant and take a table and expect service.  Often times, there are considerable wait times.  Some tables might be open, but they may be reserved for guests.  The correct policy is to check in with the host stand.  They will seat you and send a server over to your table.  It creates confusion and frustrations for both parties when people walk in and seat themselves.   Understand that this is a public restaurant and that we will all work together to make sure that all guests are taken care of. 

I’ve said it a million times and I’ll continue saying it, “Curlers are some of the best people you’ll ever meet.”  They are fun, good-spirited folks that all enjoy the game and the people involved in it.  We’ve got an amazing group of curlers here.  Let’s continue to work together to have an enjoyable curling and restaurant experience. 

Lastly, on-ice serving opportunities are available through the Crooked Pint.  If you have serving experience and are interested in part time employment, submit an application to the Crooked Pint.  Having a curling background will help with understanding the job, the environment, and expectation of the curlers.

Jeff Isaacson
Curling Center Manager

Member Appreciation Mugs

It was great visiting with all the curlers during member appreciation week.  Thank you again!  As a reminder, if you haven't picked up your coffee mug, stop by the curling office. 

Locker Rooms

The locker rooms do have half lockers that can be used for daily use.  There have been some concerns that the ice area and drink ledge is getting pretty crowded.  Feel free to carry in a lock and use a half locker for the night if you wish.

Sub Policy

Be respectful of league rules and curling etiquette.  Players in league have to be Curling Center members.  Teams can roster up to six people and these team members can play any position on the team on any given week.  Subs need to play lead.  The mixed league must be 2 men and 2 women and they must alternate gender in throwing order.  If you are playing three-handed, it must be male-female-male or female-male-female. WCF and league rules are available on the website.  We'll post tips of the week to help new curlers understand some of the rules.

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