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A Message From Your Ice Crew

Hello Everyone!
Just an update from your Ice Makers.  Now that our Winter 2 session has begun and we do have a number of new curlers joining our fabulous facility we thought some gentle reminders would be good at this time.  Please remember the following items when curling here and as always, if any questions arise, email me and we’ll get them answered pronto.
Grippers:  If you have curling shoes you have a gripper for your slide foot.  These grippers break down and wear out pretty darn fast and need replacing at least once a year if you are a once a week curler.  If you curl a lot then please consider replacing your gripper a couple times a year.  We sell them for $20 here!  Old grippers that are breaking down leave a lot of rubbery debris on the ice and we are starting to see a considerable amount of it lately.  Also, check the INSIDE of your gripper.  This is where a lot of dirt and debris accumulate and then transfer to the ice.  You can simply use your fingers and rub the debris loose and empty it into a garbage can.  Then wash your hands!  ??   Let’s do our best to keep our ice clean and in good shape.  Us Ice Makers need your help in doing so, thanks!
New clothing:  Seems a lot of folks got new clothing/curling gear over the Holidays, that’s awesome!  We ask if you got that sweet new Vikings sweatshirt or some kind of new gear you want to wear on the ice that you wash it before bringing it out there.  Washing it will eliminate a lot of the strings, lint, fuzzies that tend to stay on the new clothing.  This stuff will get on the ice and under the rocks and cause “picks” to happen on the ice and make a good shot go haywire.
New Club broom heads:
  You’ve had to notice the bright orange heads we put on all the club brooms for members to use.  Please take care of these by cleaning the head off over a garbage can located next to the broom barrels after your game or practice.  This helps keep the ice in better condition as well and is much appreciated. 
Signage in the Arena:  Take a minute to reacquaint yourselves with the signage in the arena.  There are a few and they all are helpful reminders of what we have mentioned above regarding cleaning ice, brooms and making sure we have clean shoes dedicated to curling in. 
Video link: HERE  Take a minute to check out the ultra sweet videos Jeff, Derek, Greg, and I did on how to clean a sheet and nip a sheet properly.  These are also good reminders on how to be efficient and make sure you leave the ice in good condition for the members coming in after you to practice or play a game.  And for the 3rd draw curlers playing the last games of the nights the nipping video is great to watch.
Lastly, I’d like to mention some etiquette to keep in mind while playing.  Slow play is a killer to a good game of curling.  Please, please make sure if it is your turn to throw you are in the hack and ready to throw promptly.  Remember, it should only take 15 minutes per end so you should be able to get in 8 ends of curling in the 2 hours allotted.  If the buzzer goes off prior to the last rock coming to rest in the 6th end then you finish that 6th end and play only one more, ending your game after 7 ends.  
If you are new to the game and others offer you advise, or, if you’ve been playing awhile and see some form of etiquette breached by your opponent please offer them your knowledge in a kind manner.  Often times new curlers don’t know all the nuances of our great game so please keep that in mind and be kind when letting them know to keep knees or hands off the ice, making sure their shoes are clean or any other etiquette advise you may have.  Remember, we all started this game at the same place and building comradery and friendships it truly what our game is all about! 
Again, if you ever have any questions please don’t ever hesitate to ask.  I may not have all the answers but I’ll do my best to help!
Cheers and Good Curling Everyone!
Scott Belvitch
Head Ice Maker
Chaska Curling Center
3210 Chaska Blvd.
Chaska, MN 55318

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