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Winter Parking


Section 33. Parking so as to impede snow removal prohibited.

No vehicle shall be operated or parked in a manner or place that obstructs or impedes the City Street Department in clearing or removing snow from the City streets, alleys or parking lots. (Ord. No. 183, Sec. 1, 116169)

Section 34. No parking signs.

No vehicle, except emergency vehicles, police cars or vehicles parked temporarily for the delivery of merchandise shall be allowed to park contrary to permanent or temporary snow removal signs placed by the City Police Department or City Street Department. (Ord. No. 183, Sec. 2, 116/69)

Section 35. Parking requirements during certain months of the year.

During the period of November 1st to April 1st inclusive, parking on the streets of the City of Chaska shall be permitted as follows: Whenever snow accumulates on the City streets to a depth necessitating plowing and removal operations, and/or whenever a snow emergency has been declared to exist by the announcement of same by the Mayor or his designated representative on a local radio station broadcast, parking on all streets except as set forth in Section 36 of this chapter shall be permitted only as follows:

(a) On any even-numbered day of the month, on that side of the street adjacent to buildings bearing even-numbered street addresses;

(b) On any odd-numbered day of the month, on that side of the street adjacent to buildings bearing odd-numbered street addresses.

For purpose of this section, the calendar date before midnight shall apply until 8:Q0 a.m. of the following morning. (Ord. No. 183, Sec. 3, 116169; Ord. No. 244, Sec. 2, 217177)

Section 36. Provisions not applicable to business district.

The provisions of Section 35 of this chapter shall not apply to the streets in the business district. (Ord. No. 183, Sec. 4,116169)

Section 37. Depositing snow from private property on public property.

(a) No snow shall be removed from private property and subsequently deposited on a public street, park or parking area.

(b) It shall be the responsibility of the property owner to remove snow from private property. (Ord. No. 183, Sec. 5, 116169)

Section 38. Reserved.

Section 39. Towing away of vehicles in violation of division.

(a) In addition to any fine as set forth in Section 08(a) of Chapter 1, any vehicle which shall be parked or standing in violation of this division may be summarily removed without notice to the owner or operator by officers of the City Police Department or by persons employed or designated by them, and stored in any appropriate place. All necessary costs and expense of towing, removing and storage of such vehicles shall be first paid to the person or persons designated by the Police Department by the Persons claiming the vehicles before release of same.

(b) The City, its agent or its employees, shall not be responsible for any damage to such vehicles removed in accordance with the provisions of this division. (Ord. No. 183, Sec. 6, 116169)  


The City of Chaska is a Fair Housing City

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