2030 Comprehensive Plan

About the Plan
Chaska's 2030 Comprehensive Plan is meant to guide the direction of the city in several major areas:
  • Environment
  • Land use
  • Parks and trails
  • Public facilities
  • Transportation
Each of these areas is examined in a comprehensive manner, in order to take advantage of opportunities, avoid problems, and work toward building a stronger community.

Guiding Tool
This Comprehensive Plan is a general policy document. It reflects Chaska's value system and philosophy, and acts as an overall framework for the future. As a guiding tool, it provides a system for measuring progress, gives direction for both everyday and more complex decisions, and helps set financial priorities.

Flexible and Responsive
Chaska's Comprehensive Plan is intended to be flexible and responsive to changing conditions. It needs to be continually referenced, updated, and used as a guide. It functions as an overall course or path, and is intended to provide direction, rather than dictating specific activities or precise decision-making. The plan helps city leaders in developing policies, programs, ordinances, capital improvement plans, and budgets. These more specific implementation tools will take into account current circumstances and financial priorities, along with the long-range outlook and goals of the Comprehensive Plan.

2030 Comprehensive Plan


Reviewing the Plan
The 2030 Chaska Comprehensive Plan is now available for review. An open house was held on Wednesday, March 11th to discuss the draft of the 2030 Comprehensive Plan in the Council Chambers at the Chaska City Hall. The Planning Commission then held a Public Hearing regarding the plan at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, March 11th in the Council Chambers at the Chaska City Hall. The City Council heard the recommendation of the Planning Commission at their meeting on Monday, March 16th at 7pm in the Council Chambers at the Chaska City Hall. Currently, the 2030 Comprehensive Plan is being reviewed by adjacent jurisdictions as well as the Metropolitan Council.

Share Your Opinion
The city encourages and welcomes comments regarding the 2030 Comprehensive Plan. You may contact the Planning Department for further assistance.