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Join Chaska Police Department Junior Explorers (CPJE)!

This is the 2nd year of the CPJE Program. CPJE is a program for youth in the 6th, 7th and 8th grade. We meet after school at the Chaska Middle School East from 2:45 to 3:45. The program motivates young people to be outstanding citizens through public safety education.  An outgrowth of community policing, CPJE transforms the traditional role of the police officer into one of mentor and friend, while encouraging our young citizens to be partners in building safer schools and community.

Young people are given the opportunity to see what it’s like to be a police officer and to better understand law enforcement’s role in the community. Many young people do not understand what police officers do and why they do it. We take the mystery out of law enforcement procedures and policies. Young people’s attitudes toward the police and their role in society are transformed.

We had nine youth participate last year. The police officers that are involved with the program are Community Partnership Specialist Julie Janke, Officer’s Kelly Boll, Chris Pesheck, and Joe Kavlie, who is a former CPD Police Explorer.

If your son or daughter is interested in becoming involved in CPJE please call Officer Julie Janke at 952-448-4200 or email her.

Bicycle Registration
Register your bicycle to assist in its return if it is lost or stolen. We will document your serial number, make and model and give you an Operation Identification sticker for your bicycle. Please contact Officer Janke at 952-448-4200 or email her to set up an appointment.

Bike Helmets
The Chaska Police Department will again be selling high quality bike helmets for $10 that retail for $22.95.We have a limited quantity so pick yours up today. They are available in silver, red and blue in sizes small, medium and large. Contact Officer Janke at 952-448-4200 or e-mail her to schedule a fitting.

Public Safety Announcements by Nixle
You need fast and accurate information to keep yourself, your family, and your business safe during emergency and crisis situations. You need to receive Nixle emergency messages from the Chaska Police Department.

In 2009, the Chaska Police Department began using the Nixle text and email messaging system, developed by Nixle LLC, to notify community members of important public safety announcements. Past announcements have included advisories for missing persons, alerts for dangerous fugitive, and notifications of emergency road closings. Use the messages to know when to look out, lock down or avoid certain areas. We do not inundate you with unnecessary announcements and you will receive no spam or advertising. Nixle is safe and reliable and you chose whether to receive the emergency messages by text, email or both.

Signing up is easy and free (standard text charges may apply depending on your cell phone plan). Go to to learn more and to sign up today.
If you have any questions please contact the Chaska Police Department at 952-448-4200 or e-mail

The Chaska Police Department (CPD) and the Carver County Sheriffs Office (CCSO) began working the Safe & Sober specialized traffic enforcement campaign recently. Safe & Sober combines public education with increased or additional traffic enforcement in an effort to reduce deaths and injuries on Minnesota roadways. Last year in Minnesota, traffic crashes cost 1.5 billion dollars, killed 600 and injured 46,064 people. Last year in Carver county, there were 15 killed and 552 people injured. Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for children; teenagers and adults under the age of 30.

CPD and CCSO are 2 of over 200 Minnesota law enforcement agencies participating in the campaign which consists of 4 enforcement waves during major travel times and holidays of the year.

A driver is impaired if they drink or use drugs. CPD and CCSO strongly urge all motor vehicle drivers to abstain from using any mind-altering substance when there is a chance they may be driving. Before beginning your celebrations, designate a sober driver. Call a taxicab if your designated driver uses any alcohol or drugs. Hosts of holiday parties must remember to serve non-alcoholic beverages, make plenty of food available to guests and be responsible for their travel home following the gathering. "The ideal situation is when hosts take responsibility for the safety of their guests and party goers take responsibility for their safety as well, "stated Chaska Police Chief Scott Knight. "We just want everyone to be conscious of the risks of drinking and driving, and are prepared for any situation. Remember: Friends do not let friends drink and drive." In addition to being a completely sober driver, the Chaska Police Department and Carver county Sheriff Department reminds drivers and passengers to wear their safety belts at all times. Safety belts are your best defense against an impaired driver.

Both the Chaska Police Department and the Carver county Sheriff Department are receiving grant funds from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety to fund the overtime traffic shifts. They applied for and were awarded a grant from the department’s Office of Traffic Safety. Safe & Sober is a national and state-wide traffic enforcement and education campaign supported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as well as the DPS.

If you have a neighborhood group who would like to start a crime watch program, please email the police station.

Crime Watch is a group of neighbors looking out for neighbors. It’s getting to know each other and becoming familiar with the normal comings and goings of the neighborhood. This process helps neighbors identify things that are out of the ordinary like strange vehicles or suspicious persons. We encourage everyone to look out for each other. Two of ten people feel like they don’t want to bother the police. Believe us, it is not a bother. We want the call!