Strategic Planning

The City Council meets annually with City staff to review recent community-wide surveys and other feedback. After analyzing the current state of the City, they update the following City guiding principles, which ultimately drives all City operations and shapes the community as you see today. The last Council-Staff retreat was held in October 2013.

To be the best small town in Minnesota.

Strategic Objectives:

  • Create and promote an environment to allow for the attraction of a large number of high-quality jobs.
  • Maintain and enhance high-quality recreational opportunities.
  • Embrace a diverse, life-cycle community.
  • Preserve historic downtown Chaska while promoting and revitalizing it as a vibrant commercial district that is "The" Twin Cities destination.
  • Provide exceptional "core" city services.
  • Foster engaged, leading edge, progressive, and focused leadership.

Strategic Goals and Projects: 

  • Create jobs through economic development.
  • Promote "small town" image.
  • Influence regional transportation choices.
  • Provide balanced housing options.
  • Promote sustainable energy practices.
  • Work with partners to build a community all-season recreational facility.
  • Redevelop Firemen's Park.
  • Redevelop City Square West block.

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Promoting sustainable energy practices: provided for and install energy efficiency programs; and moved forward with AMI project.
  • Create jobs through economic development: adopted land use amendment of SW Area; created and adopted Downtown Master Plan; promoted and facilitated data center development at West Creek and Northern Industrial Park; and completed The Landing senior rental redevelopment site; and facilitated development and expansion of 212 Medical Center.
  • Promote "small town" image: promoted and facilitated community events; provided assistance to help creation of community food-shelf; and created and adopted Downtown Master Plan.
  • Influence regional transportation choices: complete planning work to connect regional trail system; connected pedestrian access off levy into downtown; received permission from MnDOT to move forward with 140/212 interchange; finish new park and ride at 212 and 41; and complete downtown trail connection to LRT trail system.
  • Provide balanced housing options: established Housing Improvement Areas to help improve decaying housing stock; and facilitated upscale housing adjacent to downtown Chaska.

What's Next?
The City's Strategic Plan is an ever-evolving guiding document that changes as times and conditions changes. The City Council will meet early in 2015 to review recent accomplishments and re-assess its core values and strategic initiatives. 


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