Truth in Taxation

Under the Truth in Taxation process, the City and other local taxing jurisdictions are required to hold a public hearing prior to adoption of its annual tax levy and General Fund budget. Citizens can provide input prior to final development of the budget document by staff.

Timeline for the 2021 Budget

  • September
    • City staff presented several options for the City Council to consider in setting the preliminary tax levy
    • City Council established the preliminary tax levy for taxes payable 2021 at their September 21 meeting
  • October
    • City Council will review the five-year enterprise fund budgets
    • City Council will review the 2020 general and enterprise fund annual budgets
  • November 
    • Review of 2020 general and enterprise fund annual budgets continues
  • December
    • City Council will hold a public hearing at their December 7, 2020
    • City Council will consider adopting the 2021 budget and establish a final tax levy at its December 21, 2020 meeting

2021 Preliminary Tax Levy Presentation

Watch City Administrator Matt Podhradsky present the options for the 2021 preliminary tax levy and the Council's discussion and decision.