Planning Department Spotlight

Featured in the May 2015 issue of Chaska Today

Chaska Planning Department

The Chaska Planning Department is a multi-faceted department which provides direction on projects/developments/decisions based on the City’s Comprehensive Plan.  Some of these projects include residential subdivisions, commercial developments, signage, code enforcement, and even Heritage Preservation.  The Department is made up of two positions: City Planner (Liz Hanson) and Community Development Director (Kevin Ringwald).  Our duties on a day to day basis involve a spectrum of topics ranging from simple zoning questions to planning the Southwest Chaska area for potential development.  We think it is safe to say that we are never bored with our daily schedule.  Just like our new residential subdivisions, our daily work duties are anti-monotonous.

Planning Department Article - CurlingCenter
Planning Department Article - The Harvest

 We are always excited to be working on newer and innovative projects within the City.  A couple projects that have us excited would be the new Curling Rink/Restaurant/Event Center/Park Redevelopment occurring at Firemen’s Park and the residential growth that is happening in the Southwest Chaska growth area.  Each of these projects provide a new outlook on the City in terms of what it can accommodate for its community members. 

In addition to the newer developments we are very sensitive to the historic background this wonderful City has.  The Historic character of Downtown roots back to 1871 when the Brickyards and agricultural industries were prominent contributors to its existence.  Chaska brick is an important element that shaped the appearance of what people now know as historic Chaska.  Buildings or properties containing Chaska brick are seen as valuable, historical contributors to the community.   Any signage or alterations occurring on locally or nationally designated historic properties are taken into special consideration when being reviewed so that the end result evokes the true historic character known to Chaska.

The reason why Chaska is such a great community to live in is because it provides a community with historic charm and fresh new development.   It is important to us in the Planning Department to maintain that balance in everything we do.  If you should have any questions or comments, contact Liz Hanson at or call 952-448-9200.