Park Development

Cortina Woods Neighborhood Park Redevelopment

Cortina Woods Park is scheduled for redevelopment in 2021.  We are gathering feedback from the households that live near this park to help generate initial concept designs that represent the wishes of the residents along with; meeting ADA requirements, staying within the allocated budget, and factoring ongoing maintenance.  It is our hope to get as much feedback as possible, however, please keep in mind there is a limited budget for this project that will need to be factored into the final decision.

If you live within a half mile of this park, you can help by taking a short survey before March 8, 2021:  Cortina Woods Neighborhood Park Survey

This survey is intended to represent your household, thus only one survey per household should be submitted.  If you have multiple people living in your household, and especially kids, we encourage you to fill this survey out together. Parks and playgrounds provide numerous benefits, and we want to encourage all ages and abilities to utilize the park, thus your responses based on ages in your household can help determine the broader wishes of the households that Cortina Woods serves.